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5 Stars

"First of all, Oh my gosh, this stuff smells AMAZING! It smells pure and natural- like honey. I just made my first candles with these new wicks last night, and it burns evenly and cleanly. I've used many kinds of wicks over the years, and this wick will definitely be what I'll be using for my candles from now on."

-Heidi (New 2017 Customer)

5 Stars

 "The modern design really helps bring some life into any room. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for an affordable house warming gift."

-Brenna (New 2017 Customer)

5 Stars

 "The Quality I Was Hoping For ! I purchase this 100% Organic Hemp Cord to make a exfoliating skin cloth to soften my skin. It Works : ). It softens and exfoliates it gently. I find the cord is perfect to make natural, safe necklaces and bracelets, to add my healing stones. No formaldehyde, dyes, chemicals on my skin while wearing beautiful earthy jewelry! Thank You 23 Bees : )"

-Blu (New 2017 Customer)